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Accumulator Bets

What Is an Accumulator Bet and How Does it Work?

For many years punters everywhere were exploring different possibilities to increase their profit by combining different kinds of bets. Today, this phenomenon is known as “accumulator betting”, or simply – the acca bet. For all intents and purposes, the accumulator wager combines several (more than one) different markets under one stake. The usual number of combined markets it takes to classify a bet as an “accumulator”, is usually four, but there can be a lot more. Here is the deal – if a punter has made all the correct guesses, they will be looking at a very large payout, as the accumulator system bets combine and multiply the punter’s wager with the separate odds of all selected markets.

Where to Find Accumulator Bets

There aren’t any sportsbooks online today that do not offer accumulator bet opportunities. Surely, it is possible that some special markets aren’t eligible for accumulator combinations, but those are usually rare. When it comes to bookie brands, some of the best acca opportunities are presented in sportsbooks such as Paddy Power, Skybet, William Hill, 888sport, Ladbrokes, and many others.

Pros and Cons of Accumulator Betting

Acca bets are “high risk, high reward”. And while we did explain how big the reward can become, only a single mistake can turn down your entire acca bet into a losing one. That is the greatest acca bet con of all – if one of those four selections doesn’t pan out, the entire wager goes down the drain. Naturally, punters try to offset those chances by selecting markets and odds carefully, but nothing is clear until the markets have been settled. Acca betting is simple, but it isn’t recommended to be used by beginner punters.

Types of Wagers that Can be combined into Acca

The most common way to place a wager in an accumulator is via straight, (or moneyline) bets, where usually the punter selects one of two or three possible outcomes. If the sportsbook allows it, handicap bets, special wagers, and other types of bets can be put together in an accumulator stake. The rule of thumb says that the more unusual are the bets in an accumulator, the bigger chance it will have to fail – the odds on those special bets, however, might combine into a huge payout if the punter is really lucky.

Punters can Bet from Acca Bonuses

The acca bonus is one of the best ones offered by the majority of online sportsbooks. Essentially, it is a way for a punter to get the money for their first bet back, if they lost the wager. This gives bookie members the chance to return their original wager and try again. You should remember that accumulator bet bonuses aren’t that huge – they would return up to $10, sometimes maybe even $15; however they would still be given by the bookie as “bonus credit” rather than withdrawable cash and will be subjected to a number of terms and conditions. We should also mention that usually, acca bet bonuses are granted for a specific sport and odds only.

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Learn More About Acca Bets Before Wagering Your Cash

A few successful acca bet rolls can easily make a beginner punter forget their personal strategy, which would result in quick losses afterwards. Industry experts often suggest that new punters should try out acca betting with a few “insurance bonuses” that would help them understand the wagering system a bit easier. Other than that, accumulator bets have been long regarded as the standard in combined wagering, and this is why they will continue to exist for the years to come.